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ChamberRxFREE Rx Discount Card.

  • Discounts 10-85% on prescriptions and other healthcare supplies
  • A nationwide network of 60,000 pharmacies
  • No cost to sign up - No health restrictions - No obligations - No limits on prescriptions
  • Available to distribute freely*

ChamberRx has saved cardholders more than $2.3 million dollars!

ChamberRx is a FREE prescription drug discount program offered through your local chamber.  It offers significant discounts (on average it saves 42%) for cardholders at participating pharmacies on both brand and generic drugs.  It's so easy to use and SAVE! 

Get your FREE ChamberRx Prescription Discount Card today.

(800) 924-3543


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Powered by RxCut, the program is supported by a network of more than 60,000 pharmacies across the country. It adds a great benefit to small businesses with no employee health coverage, helps those in the medicare donut hole, and serves as a great tool for helping your community. 

sample card

To use:

1.Visit www.chamberrx.com (pharmacy locator and drug lookup tools available)

2.Click PRINT CARD to download your chamber of commerce card

3.Present the card to your pharmacist and SAVE!