Control Volatile Gas Prices?


You have the power!  

  • Eliminate unbudgeted fuel price spikes

  • Customize an online plan based on your need and budget

  • Stay ahead of fuel price fluctuations

  • Price protect almost any type of fuel

Show your members how they can control their fuel spend just like the large national fleets do, using fuel price protection with Pricelock.  Plus FREE webinars and useful product information are available on this cutting edge tool now available for small business.  Check it out yourself ...

Kick the tires with a FREE no obligation protection plan:

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  2. Click on create a plan online.
  3. Model different scenarios for FREE and with no obligation.

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How does fuel price protection work?  You set a price per gallon and number of gallons you want to protect. When the national average price of fuel goes above your selected protection price, you are paid back the difference. It's really that simple. When the price of fuel falls or remains below the protection price, then your company directly benefits from lower fuel costs.  

Service Benefits


Pricelock offers the chance to have control over ever-changing fuel prices. Model your own fuel price protection scenarios online and select the plan that best meets the company's fuel usage and protection needs.

Visit our customized website to find video tutorials, fuel price histories and other useful related information.

Super Simple to Get Started:

  1. Once you arrive at a plan that works for your business and budget, simply complete the purchase online or contact our representatives to walk you through the process
  2. Keep pumping gas as you always have.
  3. Pricelock pays you when fuel prices rise above your selected protection price.