Keeping up with the rapid pace of this industry gives even IT guys and gals headaches.  Another great benefit of members SAVE® is our team is constantly determining the difference between what is new and cutting edge and what is fad in the way of business communications.

We have chosen partners that stay ahead of the curve.  We save your members time, energy, and money while keeping them apprised of the latest in technology.

RingCentral Office

Offer your small business members a way to connect every phone they own to one phone number.

This award-winning complete cloud-based VoIP business phone system eliminates the need for expensive on-premise PBX equipment, has no set up fees, and no contracts - just instant activation and a complete communication platform supporting voice, fax, SMS texts, toll free, confercence calls, video calls, and mobility needs.


Offer members no cost conferencing options for up to 250 participants.  This FREE product includes a “web dashboard” to control the call and each caller’s participation, as well as the ability to record and instantly download the recording for playback, editing or distribution.  The benefit to the chamber?  It's FREE!