A growing business operation is a never ending stream of needs: Better pricing, stronger resources, greater efficiencies.  Members SAVE® allows you to offer exclusive access to products and services designed to help member businesses run more efficiently and grow more profitably.  You may even get a thank you


Your members SAVE 20% to 83% on supplies, get FREE next day delivery with no minimum order, and have access to an exclusive Technology Hotline. Plus your chamber benefits from every purchase.


Your members can shop locally, have access to exclusive savings, and have world-class operation that can be trusted to meet their every needs. Plus, it keeps the money and jobs in the community.


Members-only discounts on fuel and vehicle maintenance. Powered by US Banks Voyager network and adminstiered by PAPCO, Fleetcard4members is accepted at more than 230,000 retail locations nationwide.

No more time wasted searching for a certain service center and drivers no longer need to keep receipts or log fueling purchases. Members receive 4/10 % discount off all retail price for fuel, vehicle maintenance, and repair purchases, every time a card is used.


Fuel price spikes strike at the heart of any small businesses’ operating capital.  Show them a new way to take some of the pain away by introducing the concept of fuel price protection.  FREE online tools and workshop sessions are available to you as Business Education Classes or online webinar programs. This is a “Big Business” solution to an issue facing your small business members’ bottom-line.

Merchant Services

A complete suite of payment options including: reward and loyalty programs, electronic couponing services, mobile payment options, online retail presence expertise, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.