RingCentralYour Phone System Reimagined.

The #1 cloud-based phone system for your business!

Offer your small business members a way to connect every phone they own to one phone number.

This award-winning complete cloud-based VoIP business phone system eliminates the need for expensive on-premise PBX equipment, has no set up fees, and no contracts - just instant activation and a complete communication platform supporting voice, fax, toll free and mobility needs.

What is this cloud-based technology? Offering FREE Business Education classes, webinars, and online resources gives explainations to the benefits of this new technology.


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RingCentral Highlights:

A complete and comprehensive phone system designed for today's small business

  • Keep your existing phone numbers - no transfer fees
  • Reliable phone and fax service
  • Implementation advisors to help get you setup, at no cost
  • 24/7 free customer support
  • No set up fees, no contracts required

Service Overview

RingCentral Office™

RingCentral Virtual Office provides top-notch digital phone service and state-of-the-art features for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It delivers a virtual PBX, a VoIP phone service and full-featured IP phones as one complete system, eliminating the need to use complex hardware. It gives you an instantly-activated, multi-user hosted phone system that has a customizable virtual PBX to fit your professional needs. It has the best-in-class VoIP business phone service with multiple extensions so you can connect with users easily and work anywhere you want. RingCentral Office also offers "Plug and Ring" business IP phones that arrive fully-configured. With these user-friendly features, you can improve business productivity and deliver a more professional presence to your clients. With fixed monthly fee and no contract or setup costs, RingCentral Office makes your business communications easy, affordable and accessible.

RingCentral Professional™

RingCentral Professional is a cloud-based business phone system that lets users stay in touch and in control of their communications. By providing users with a single local or toll free main number, RingCentral connects a business’s staff by assigning their existing phone numbers to different virtual extension numbers. This way, an employee can be reached by anyone of the team or by any customer, by simply calling the main number and dialing the right extension number. This streamlines a company’s communication flow and gives an intelligent business solution. With affordable pricing plans that start at $9.99 a month, users get at least 2 virtual extensions and 300 minutes of inbound and outbound calls. Other features include advanced call forwarding, Internet fax, voicemail to email, web management, caller ID, custom greetings, message alert, and Outlook integration. Users may select a local or toll free number for their business, regardless of their location. This permits subscribers to get the phone number which would cater to their target client base or market. RingCentral Professional also comes with free iPhone and Android application, which can be used to access faxes and voicemails.

RingCentral Fax™

RingCentral is the industry leader for powerful Internet fax service, helping tens of thousands of customers worldwide improve and manage their daily fax communications. Purpose-built for small business, RingCentral Fax comes complete with advanced email fax capabilities, delivering the professionalism and functionality today’s business requires. From toll free and local numbers to advanced fax software, RingCentral fax service gives you everything you'd expect from a modern, business-ready fax solution, with the flexibility needed to easily send and receive faxes, regardless of location. Every small business needs fax capabilities for contracts and other important business documents. And with the right service—like RingCentral Fax—there’s simply no need to own or maintain a fax machine anymore. This means no more waiting for transmissions to get through or dealing with busy phone lines. Say goodbye to paper jams. By faxing online, you get fax-to-email capabilities, which means your faxes are converted straight to email for easy anytime, anywhere retrieval. Go ahead and start faxing online with RingCentral. A time and money saving service, online fax enables faxes to be sent and received from Microsoft Office®, email, even your cell phone. Free fax software gives your business a professional look by allowing you to electronically sign and edit faxes and design custom cover sheets. You can send faxes quickly from any Microsoft Windows® application, block junk faxes and attach documents. A true money- and time-saving advantage for any business, online fax the RingCentral way will help take your business communications to the next level.

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Try RingCentral risk-free for 30 days. If you are dissatisfied, simply cancel your service and return the phones within 30-days of activation for a full refund.

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