When members SAVE, members STAY.

Members SAVE offers chambers of commerce and trade associations a flexible member benefits program with its own built in marketing platform.  This powerful one-stop benefits solution is as easy as it is valuable for both you and your members.

Members SAVE is:

A platform of member discount options your organization can use to build membership value 

  • Decide which products and services are the best fit for your chamber
  • Determine if a customized microsite  could help you market your member discount programs
  • Discover the power of offering real tangible benefits your members want and use 

An opportunity to generate new revenue.  Certain members SAVE products carry greater opportunity for revenue than others.  If this is an important element of your member benefit strategy,  let us help you develop a program designed specifically to help you meet your goals.  Our stronger money-makers include: 

Why Members SAVE?

  • It’s Easy:   Members SAVE offers a customized state-of-the-art online platform with seamless access from your website to a dynamic menu of benefits chosen by you for your members.   The microsites are dynamic and easy to create in less than 30 minutes.   Want just a product or two with no platform?  We can do that too.  

  • It’s Powerful: Members SAVE has the collective buying power of more than 20,000 member businesses, giving us unique access to discounts and deals typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies.  Can you do that on your own?   

  • It’s Valuable: A number of members SAVE programs offer a cash back bonus based on the amount of business generated through your choice of products and services.  We work closely with you to determine which products and services are the best fit for your organization, and help design a marketing plan to suit your particular needs. 

How Does Members SAVE work?

  • We have been vetting and managing member benefit programs for 20 years, and have learned a thing or two about what members want from their association with your organization.   Members SAVE is an answer to a call for making chamber and association bottom line benefits easier to access and more convenient to use.  

  • Currently we have pre-negotiated Fortune 500 type deals and discounts that are available to you and your members (Yes, don't forget you can use these too!) on as many as 20 different business products and services.   All you do is decide which products best fit your membership, build (or ask us to build) your own microsite, in minutes, to link from your website, and then market that link.

  • If you rather we market the benefits for you, we can do that too.   We're easy.  (to work with) 

  • If all you want is to try out a product or two, we can help you with that too.

That's it.   So now what? 

  1. review the products
  2. sign up today! 
Signing up is easy:
  1. Review and accept the software agreement
  2. Fill out the contact form and credit card information
  3. Choose the products and services best suited for your members
  4. Create your microsite:
  • Choose a color scheme
  • Upload your logo
  1. Your members SAVE site is dynamically built within minutes.
  2. Once created, add the button (members SAVE logo and link) provided to your website 
  3. Start marketing!  (Launch materials & advertising support is available)

For more information or questions about this program please contact us at 800.924.3543 or
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The Number #1 reason people drop their memberships in chambers is that they believe we simply are not a necessity.

Patrick McGaughey CPF, IOM