Cast a wider recruiting net...

with an affinity program that saves members money and you time!

Sure. There are any number of affinity programs out there offering members savings a little here and there. But only members SAVE® provides a wide variety of products and services from which you can choose, plus the marketing tools to actually make it work. You can offer savings where small businesses need it most.

Some potential members need to save money operationally. Others are looking for help with human resources and stronger benefits packages. Still others will take a deal wherever they can find it. But every single one of them wants value out of their membership. So how are you supposed to pull together an affinity program that fits what any business needs?

Easy. Sign up for members SAVE®. This one program is made up of savings and discounts on your choice of more than 20 different products and services. Meaning you can offer value where potential members need it most - on their bottom line.

JT Fisher of JT Fisher Funeral Homes in Portsmouth, VA saved $400 in his first six months of membership. His advice to other new members, “Pay attention to the emails the chamber is sending out. You may just get your dues paid for.”

Savings may not be the only reason to join the chamber, but members SAVE® makes it a good enough reason to try!

SAVE yourself the time and headache of piecing together what individual members want. Have it all in one place, with members SAVE®.

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