Keep your members onboard and engaged...

with an affinity platform that SAVES them significant money and you a ton of effort!

It’s true. Studies show that it costs 10 times more to capture one new member than it does to keep one you already have. It’s also more likely that a new member brought in by a current member is more likely to stay a member.

One tangible way, to help keep members engaged and on board is to help them SAVE money to their bottom line. With members SAVE®, you can add an affinity program to your member benefits package that is simple, affordable, and profitable for your members and for you.


The best part is we’ve done the hard part of creating your affinity program. We’ve located the products and services members businesses say they want and could use. We’ve vetted each program, and have negotiated long term deals based on over 20,000 member businesses already part of the program.

Plus, our online platform makes your program easy to access, simple to manage and features fully customizable pages that allow you to feature your local member-to-member program, upcoming chamber member events, or chamber member news. We also offer fully integrated marketing tools to help make it all rock.

Basically, all you have to do is say ... sign us up, then take all the credit for the relief your members get to their bottom line.

SAVE yourself the time and headache of piecing together your own affinity program. Contact  us today to get started..

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