Members Save Money, Chambers Make Money.

Certain members SAVE® products and services offer non-dues revenue.

If new streams of revenue are an important element of your member benefit strategy we will work with you to develop a program designed specifically to help you meet your goals.

Certain members SAVE® products carry greater opportunity for revenue than others, so let us help determine which products and services are best suited for your organization, and what kind of marketing plan best meets your particular goals.

Your potential money-makers include:

  • ChamberRx - SAVES cardholders 10-85% on brand name & generic prescription drugs, while providing $1.00 per prescription back to the chamber. In it’s first year (2011) close to $10,000 was delivered back to participating chambers.
  • OfficeMax - Members SAVE an average 40% on office supplies, technology, and printing services, while participating chambers receive a percentage back on every dollar members spend.
  • My Payroll Agent - My Payroll Agent is a Human Resource tool with guaranteed savings, quality, and personal service. Plus, each member that signs up adds up to a $100 referral fee back to the chamber.
  • RingCentral - Small business members now have a way to connect every phone they own to one phone number and save hundreds while doing so. Your chamber gets a percentage of every sale made.

Members SAVE money, while you make money all from one great program. Contact us today to see how easy it is to for everyone to win.

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