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Member businesses insured by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and its affiliated HMO HealthKeepers are provided access to value added benefits available only to members. This exclusive benefits program provides small businesses (2-99 employees) life, accidental death & dismemberment and helpful assistance services for covered employees at no additional premium!   

Program Features

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Service Benefits


$10,000 Life and AD&D Coverage

Group Term Life Insurance provides timely benefit payments for families of employees that pass away. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) pays an additional benefit if an employee dies or faces a qualified loss in an accident.

Dependent Life Insurance

$2,000 Spouse and $2,000 Dependent Child(ren) coverage pays a $2,000 death benefit to your employee if their spouse or child(ren) passes away.

Travel Assistance Program

Provides services in the event that a medical emergency arises while traveling more than 100 miles from home for personal or business reasons.


  • Medical Assistance

- Coordinate and pay for medical evacuation (up to $100K) to the nearest treatment facility or to home, when medically necessary.
- Send dependent children home (up to $5K) if they are left alone due to emergency.
- Send traveling companion home (up to $5K).
- If hospitalized for more than seven days or in critical condition, arrange a bedside visit for family member or friend (up to $5K).
- Arrange and pay for repatriation services (up to $10K).

  • Travel Services

- Provides 24 hours of service for medical emergencies.
- Receive and transmit emergency messages.
- Emergency cash advances (up to $500).
- Emergency medical payments (up to $10K).
- Legal assistance/bail (up to $5K).

  • Pre-departure Information

- Receive immunization and passport requirements, foreign exchange rates, travel advisories and weather conditions before traveling.

Resource Advisor Program

Offers employees and their families’ free and confidential access to highly valuable financial, legal, and support counseling resources.

  • Services

- As many as 3 legal and/or financial consultations per employee.
- As many as 3 visits per year with a counselor for employees with a disability.
- As many as 3 in-person counseling sessions as well as 3 legal and/or financial consultations for beneficiaries dealing with the loss of a loved one.
- 24/7 telephone counseling and referral services.
- Unlimited website resources for wellness information, wills, and power of attorney forms.

Healthy Lifestyles

At no additional charge to you, your employees have access to online resources that help transform unhealthy habits into positive ones by focusing on behavioral changes.

  • This web-based incentive wellness program helps make behavior changes in 5 key areas:

- Weight
- Diet and nutrition
- Physical inactivity
- Tobacco use
- Stress

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