With Competition and Choice, Virginia Benefits

The Virginia Benefits Market is a private health insurance and benefits exchange that provides businesses access to a one-stop, online marketplace to shop and compare health insurance and other benefits in a simple, and streamlined fashion.

Employers, both large and small, from all across the Commonwealth can shop for benefits in a new and exciting way. Virginia Benefits Market gives employers and employees alike new found freedoms and flexibility in how they meet their respective benefit goals and needs.

A unique attribute of Virginia Benefits Market is that all employees that enroll on the platform are offered an opportunity to purchase each and every ancillary coverage offered. This individualized shopping experience allows the employee to create their own unique benefits package.  Employers no longer have to serve as the benefits gatekeeper, and employees no longer have to accept one-size fits all benefit programs.

Additionally, the platform fully supports defined contribution methodology that can help employers control costs while at the same time allow employees to more effectively use the employer’s contribution to purchase the benefits that are best suited for them.



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